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Monterey County Office of Education

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Dr. Nancy Kotowski, County Superintendent of Schools

Inter-District Transfer Appeal

One of the duties of the Monterey County Office of Education and the Monterey County Board of Education is to handle the appeals process if parents/guardians are seeking to transfer their child to a different school district.

There are several important steps that must be followed. The process may sometimes appear confusing, but each district is required to have someone to help with the process.

FIRST: You must try to handle the request at the district level.

SECOND: If you do not get the result you want at the district level but you feel you have a good case, you may submit an appeal to the Monterey County Board of Education.

A handbook on the inter-district transfer appeal process is available at the Monterey County Office of Education, 901 Blanco Circle, Salinas, CA. You may also contact MCOE's Administrative Officer, Ginny Brown, 831.755.0303.

You may download the forms and handbooks listed below:

If you want to transfer your child to a school that is outside of your normal school district (outside the city in which you live), here are some important things to remember:

  • You must first request an inter-district transfer form from your current school district. If your request is denied, you can appeal that decision but you must follow the appeals process of whichever district has denied your request. You must exhaust all administrative remedies prior to submitting an appeal to the Monterey County Board of Education.
  • If your appeal has been denied at the district level, then you can request an opportunity to appeal the decision to the Monterey County Board of Education.


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