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Monterey County Office of Education

Leadership, Support and Service to Prepare All Students for Success

Dr. Nancy Kotowski, County Superintendent of Schools

Policies and Regulations

Printable Board Policy index.

Printable Superintendent Policy index.

Printable Administrative Regulation index. 

CodeNameBoard Policy/Bylaw (BP/BB)ExhibitSupt Policy (SP)Admin. Reg. (AR)
0000 - Philosophy, Goals, Objectives, Comprehensive Plans  
0000Mission and Vision BP   
0100 Board PhilosophyBP   
0200Goals for the Monterey County Office of EducationBP   
0410Nondiscrimination in Programs and ActivitiesBP   
0420.4Charter SchoolsBPE AR
0420.41 Charter School OversightBPE  
0420.42Charter School RenewalBP   
0420.43Charter School RevocationBP   
0440Technology PlanBP   

Use of County Office of Education Computers, Software, and Related Equipment

0450Comprehensive School Safety PlanBP   
0460Local Control and Accountability PlanBP  AR
0510School Accountability Report CardBP   
1000 - Community Relations
1100 Communication with the PublicBP    
1112Media RelationsBP   
1150Commendatory Board ResolutionsBP   
1160Political AdvocacyBP   
1240Volunteer AssistanceBP
1312.2Complaints Concerning Instructional MaterialsBPE  
1312.3Uniform Complaint ProceduresBP   
1312.4Lawsuit Settlements Uniform Complaints Procedures (Williams Settlements)BPE AR 
1322Procedures for Fund Raising ActivitiesBP   
1330Use of FacilitiesBP   
1340Access to Public RecordsBP   
1431Waivers Requiring State Board of Education ActionBP
1500County Committee on School District OrganizationBPE  
1500.1Funding for Projects of the County Committee on School District OrganizationBP   
1710Procedures for Considering Requests from Outside Agencies for SupportBP   
2000 - Administration      
2000Concepts and Roles BP    
2110Duties of the County Superintendent of SchoolsBP   
2121Superintendent's Salary Schedule and BenefitsBP   
2240Creation and Promulgation of Administrative Regulations   AR
3000 - Business and Non-Instructional Operations
3000Concepts and RolesBP   
3100 Budget Development, Adoption and Revisions  BP    
3105Review and Monitoring of County Office of Education Finances  BP    
3110Transfer of Funds BP   
3111 Deferred Maintenance Funds BP   
3220.1Lottery Funds BP    
3270 Sale or Other Disposition of Surplus Personal PropertyBP   
3280 Real Property / Sale or Lease BP   
3281 Real Property / Sale or Lease to Other Public Agencies  BP    
3283Repairs to Real PropertyBP   
3290Gifts and BequestsBP   
3300Expenditures and PurchasesBP   
3311.1Informal Bidding Procedures for Public Works ProjectsBP   
3320Claims and Actions Against the County OfficeBP   
3350Travel ExpensesBP   
3353Free and Reduced Price MealsAR
3355Reporting to Board on Conferences, Meetings, and Workshop AttendanceBP   
3460Financial Reports and AccountabilityBP   
3511Energy and Water ManagementBP   
3513.3Tobacco-Free Schools and WorkplaceBP   
3515Security of Buildings, Equipment and SuppliesBP   
3517Facilities InspectionBP   
3530Risk ManagementBP   
3553Free and Reduced Price MealsBP  AR 
3580Records Retention and DispositionBP
3580.1Electronic Document Retention and Archiving   AR
3600Hiring of ConsultantsBP   
4000 - Personnel - General     
4000Concepts and Roles  SP 
4010Conflict of Interest Code of the Monterey County Board of Education and Monterey County Superintendent of SchoolsBP   
4020Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace  SP 
4030Nondiscrimination in Employment  SPAR
4031Complaints Concerning Discrimination in Employment   AR
4033Lactation AccommodationSP
4035Children of Employees in the WorkforceAR
4040Employee Use of Technology  SPAR
4100 - Personnel - Certificated
4100Certificated Personnel  SP 
4111Recruitment and Selection - Certificated  SP 
4111.2Legal Status Requirement  SPAR
4112.4Health Examinations  SP AR 
4112.61Employment References ESPAR
4112.8Employment of Relatives  SP 
4115Evaluation/Supervision  SP 
4117.2Resignation  SP 
4119.1Civil and Legal Rights  SP 
4119.11Sexual Harassment  SPAR
4119.25Political Activities of Employees  SPAR
4119.41Employees with Infectious Diseases  SP 
4119.42Exposure Control Plan for Blood-Borne Pathogens  SPAR
4119.43Universal Precautions  SPAR
4157Employee Safety  SPAR
4158Employee Security  SP 
4200 - Personnel - Classified    
4200Classified Personnel  SP 
4211.2Legal Status Requirement  SPAR
4212.4Health Examinations  SPAR
4212.61Employment References ESPAR
4212.8Employment of Relatives  SP 
4215Evaluation/Supervision  SP 
4217.2Resignation  SP 
4219.1Civil and Legal Rights  SP 
4219.11Sexual Harassment  SPAR
4219.25Political Activities of Employees   AR
4219.41Employees with Infections Diseases  SP 
4219.42Exposure Control Plan for Blood-Borne Pathogens  SPAR
4219.43Universal Precautions  SPAR
4257Employee Safety  SPAR
4258Employee Security  SP 
4261.12Paid Sick Leave - Short-Term and Substitute Employees  SP 
4300 - Personnel - Management/Confidential
4300Management, Supervisory and Confidential Personnel  SP 
4302Positive Work Calendar   AR
4311Recruitment and Selection - Management  SP 
4311.2Legal Status Requirement  SPAR
4312.4Health Examinations  SPAR
4312.61Employment References ESPAR
4312.8Employment of Relatives  SP 
4315Evaluation/Supervision  SP 
4317.2Resignation  SP 
4319.1Civil and Legal Rights  SP 
4319.11Sexual Harassment  SPAR
4319.25Political Activities of Employees   AR
4319.41Employees with Infectious Diseases  SP 
4319.42Exposure Control Plan for Blood-Borne Pathogens  SPAR
4319.43Universal Precautions  SPAR
4322Health Welfare Benefits Upon RetirementAR
4352Salary Placement and Advancement   AR
4357Employee Safety  SPAR
4358Employee Security  SP 
4361Catastrophic LeaveAR
5000 - Students    
5000 Concepts and Roles Regarding Student Programs BP   
5020Parental Rights  BP   AR 
5022Student and Family Privacy Rights  BP   AR 
5030Student WellnessBP
5112.2Exclusions from Attendance (Health Standards)   AR
5113Absences and Excuses BP  AR 
5117Interdistrict Attendance Appeals (English) BPE   
5117Interdistrict Attendance Appeals (Spanish) BPE   
5125Student Records InspectionBP   
5125.1Release of Directory Information   AR
5130.1Field Trips E AR
5131Student Conduct BP  AR
5131.1Student Conduct in VehiclesBP   
5131.2BullyingBP  AR
5131.55Respect for Rights to Property and PrivacyBP  AR
5131.6Alcohol and Other DrugsBP  AR
5131.62TobaccoBP  AR
5131.7Weapons, Explosives, and Dangerous InstrumentsBP  AR
5132School-Wide Dress CodeBP  AR
5141.4Child Abuse Prevention and ReportingBPE  AR
5141.52Suicide PreventionBP  AR
5142Student SafetyBP  AR
5144Student Discipline   AR
5144.15Notice to Teachers Regarding Students Whose Actions are Grounds for Suspension or ExpulsionBP  AR
5144.3Pupil Expulsion Appeals (English)BPE  
5144.3Pupil Expulsion Appeals (Spanish)BPE  
5145.11Arrest and Interrogation of StudentsBP  AR
5145.12Searches on School PremisesBP  AR
5145.13Response to Immigration EnforcementBP
5145.2Freedom of Speech/Expression   AR
5145.6Parental NotificationBP   
5145.7Student Sexual HarassmentBP  AR
5145.9Hate-Motivated BehaviorBP   
5146Married/Pregnant/Parenting StudentsBP   
5147Dropout PreventionBP   
6000 - Instruction
6011Academic Standards BP    
6015Gender Equality in Programs and Activities  BP    
6020Parent Involvement (Non-Title I Schools)BPAR
6020.1Parent Involvement (Title I Schools)BPAR
6115Ceremonies and Observances BP  AR
6141.2Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs  BP    AR 
6142.1 Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction  BP   AR
6142.92Mathematics InstructionsBP
6143Course of Study for Court/Community SchoolBP   AR 
6146.1Graduations Requirements for Court and Community SchoolsBP  AR
6146.2Certificate of Completion of Course and Credit RequirementsBP  AR
6146.4Differential Grad and Competency Standards for Special Education StudentsBP
6152.1Placement in Mathematics CoursesBP
6155Credit by ExaminationBP   AR 
6158Independent StudyBP   AR 
6161Equipment, Books and MaterialsBP   
6161.1Selection and Evaluation of Instructional MaterialsBP  AR
6161.11Supplementary Instructional MaterialsBP
6161.15Use of the Monterey County Office of Education Instructional Cablecasting and Broadcasting FacilitiesBP   
6162.52High School Exit Exam BP  AR
6162.6 Use of Copyright Materials BP  AR
6163.4 Student Use of Technology BP    AR 
6164.6Identification and Education Under Section 504BPAR
6171Title I ProgramsBP   
6172.1Concurrent Enrollment in College ClassesBP  AR
6173 Education for Homeless ChildrenBP   AR
6173.1 Education for Foster Youth BP    
6174English Learners BP    
6181Alternative SchoolsBP   
6186Juvenile Court Schools BP   AR
7000 - Facilities     
7160 Charter School Facilities BP   
7310Naming of Facilities BP    
9000 - Board Bylaws     
9000Role of the Board  BB    
9001 Source of Board's Authority BB   
9005Governance Standards BB   
9005.1Boardsmanship BB   
9005.3Principles of Ethics  BB    
9005.5Code of EthicsBB   
9010Public StatementsBBE  
9011Disclosure of Confidential/Privileged InformationBB   
9012County Board Member Electronic CommunicationsBB   
9100Annual Organizational MeetingBB   
9110Terms of OfficeBB   
9120.5Emeritus Status for Board MembersBB   
9121Officers of the County BoardBB
9124Obtaining Legal ServicesBB   
9130Board CommitteesBB   
9140Board RepresentativesBB
9200Limits of County Board Member AuthorityBB   
9220County Board ElectionsBB   
9220.3Trustee AreasBB   
9222.1Board Member AbsencesBB   
9223Board VacanciesBB   
9224Oath or AffirmationBB   
9230Orientation for New Board MembersBB   
9240Board DevelopmentBB   
9245Training and Assistance for Board Members in Use of Computers and Electronic CommunicationBB   
9250Compensation for Board MembersBB   
9260Legal ProtectionBB   
9270Conflict of InterestBB   
9280Commendatory Board ResolutionsBB   
9295Board Member Requests for Information and ReportsBB   
9310Board Policies and BylawsBB   
9320Meetings and NoticesBB   
9321Closed SessionsBB   
9322Board Meeting AgendaBB   
9322.5Board ProtocolsBB   
9323Meeting ConductBB  
9323.2Actions by the BoardBB
9324Minutes and Recordings of Board Meetings BB    
9400Board Self AssessmentBB   
9500Setting the Superintendent's SalaryBB


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