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Monterey County Office of Education

Leadership, Support and Service to Prepare All Students for Success

Dr. Nancy Kotowski, County Superintendent of Schools

Where are you located?

Our office is located on the West Campus of the Monterey County Office of Education, in room 15. The Monterey County Office of Education is located at 901 Blanco Circle, Salinas, CA 93901 (across the street from Fresh Express on Blanco Rd.).

Directions to our campus:

From Highway 101 take the Sanborn Road exit, 326B. Turn West following Sanborn for several blocks, eventually crossing Abbott Street. Turn right on Blanco Circle . MCOE is located at the end of Blanco Circle.

From Highway 68 (Monterey-Salinas Highway) turn right at Blanco Road (Nob Hill and Star Market intersection). Go about six blocks to the first signal light (Blanco Circle). Turn left onto Blanco Circle. MCOE is located at the end of Blanco Circle. 

How long has MCHCS been in existence?

Monterey County first offered homeschooling support in 1988 at the request of three homeschooling families who helped design the original program. In the summer of 2000, this outstanding program became the first charter school to receive sponsorship of the Monterey County Office of Education.

Do I have to pay to attend?

No. MCHCS is a tuition-free public charter school. Students will be provided with all necessary student texts, teacher editions, and selected educational materials and resources, as well as basic consumable school supplies.

What does your program offer?

A credentialed teacher who will meet regularly with you and your student to plan and monitor an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) based on your student's abilities and interests. Your resource teacher will also review and evaluate student progress.

Maintenance of individual student progress files, state-required attendance records, official student transcripts, annual standardized testing, and graduation from 8th and 12th grade (with high school diploma for graduating seniors).

Monthly educational programs, ongoing field trips and workshops to supplement core curriculum, a newsletter, and the opportunity to elect representatives to the MCHCS Governance Council, which essentially functions as the school's governing body.

How do I enroll?

Families that are interested in the our school must first attend an information meeting. (If we have a waiting list, you must attend an information meeting in order to be placed on our waiting list.) Information meetings are held on (approximately) a bi-monthly basis. At the informational meeting, you will learn specific details about the programs offered by MCHCS. After the meeting, parents who would like to proceed with enrollment will receive an enrollment application packet; these packets are to be submitted on Mondays between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Families that complete the enrollment process are then assigned a resource teacher and are formally admitted into the MCHCS program. 

How does the homeschool program work?

After enrolling in the MCHCS program, families are assigned a resource teacher who will work with them on a weekly basis. The resource teacher assists families in the design, implementation, and maintenance of a personalized educational program. The parent then accepts the responsibility of being the primary deliverer of their child's educational program. Thus, parents must be able to assist in the development lesson plans, deliver instruction, and correct and access their child's work. The parent, thus, takes on the role of a classroom teacher and must be able to devote a minimum of four to six hours per day towards the ongoing development of their child's education.

What is the difference between homeschool and independent study?

Independent study is exclusively for students in grades 9-12. Students meet with a teacher for at least one hour a week. Often students who are credit deficient and/or are in need of academic intervention will be required to attend intervention courses on campus. Students are given work in all core subjects and are required to work "independently" at home. Attendance is calculated based on whether or not the student is meeting his/her weekly workload.

In order to be eligible for independent study, a student must have proof of having passed the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). Incoming who have not yet taken or passed the CASHEE must take the Independent Study Placement Test at MCHCS before being allowed to enroll.

When are independent study placement tests?

Independent Study Placement Tests are administered on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:30 p.m. Please call the main office at (831) 755-0331 to schedule an appointment.

What is MCHCS's mission?

Our Values
We are a group of educational professionals committed to supporting families who choose to educate their children at home. We believe that the home is every child's most important "school." We respect the right and ability of families to educate their children in their homes. We honor the concern and dedication of families who choose this highly demanding but tremendously rewarding task.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Monterey County Home Charter School is to plan, monitor and assist in the education of students K-12 in a homeschool learning environment, enabling them to speak, read, write, use technology and calculate effectively to become self-motivated, competent and lifelong learners. The Monterey County Home Charter School will provide students with the necessary resources to achieve success and meet state standards in core academic subjects appropriate to their level. This will be achieved in a collaborative effort with parents as primary deliverers of the educational program, certificated teachers and the community.

Our Philosophy
We believe that the home is every child's most important "school." We respect the right and ability of families to educate their children at home. We honor the concern and dedication of families who choose this highly demanding but tremendously rewarding task.


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