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Monterey County Office of Education

Leadership, Support and Service to Prepare All Students for Success

Dr. Nancy Kotowski, County Superintendent of Schools

The Educational Services department at MCOE offers technical assistance, leadership, planning, and professional learning for school-wide, standards-based curriculum and instruction in order to accelerate student achievement. Services can be based on individual district and school needs.

  • Support in leading and monitoring standards-based curriculum development and classroom implementation.
  • Improve teacher expertise in content and pedagogy to help all students meet standards through differentiation.
  • Meet the needs of English learners within the core program.
  • Facilitate the selection and implementation of State Board approved literacy and intervention programs.
  • Support the assessment and analysis of student learning and program evaluation.
  • Train teachers in the availability and use of diagnostic assessment tools and analysis.
  • Aid in the development of tiered intervention systems.
  • Work with grade level teams to develop collaborative model of analyzing student evidence and adjusting instruction based upon student results.
  • Customized professional learning in literacy is available.


ELA StandardsELD StandardsCDE Resources

Ed Services ELA/ELD Flyer


English Learner Resources

Rubrics from SBAC

Writing and Speaking rubrics from Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

CDE Clearinghouse

Continuously expanding collections resources from CDE.

Gradual Release of Responsibility Teacher Resources

Professional Development Modules

Free, on-line modules from Achieve that provides background on CCSS


ASCD has created EduCore, an online collection of products, services and ideas to help educators transition to using the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms. EduCore's math resources include formative lessons, videos, teacher lesson plans and tools for students. T.H.E. Journal

CDE Frequently Asked Questions

ELA Appendices

ELA CCSS Appendices: Support Documents

  • Research Supporting Key Elements of the Standards Glossary of Key Terms:  Appendix_A
  • Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks:  Appendix_B
  • Samples of Student Writing: Appendix_C

Video Resources

Edmodo Resources (

  • AAP: Anthology Alignment Project  Group Code-- pkx4sp
    Anthology Alignment Project (AAP), sister project to the Basal Alignment Project (BAP). Sponsored by the Council of the Great City Schools and coordinated by Student Achievement Partners, this initiative will revise the instructional materials in the existing anthologies. It will do this by revising the questions students are asked, increasing the focus on vocabulary, and focusing the writing tasks squarely on the texts. It will do this for the literature and literary non-fiction currently in the major reading anthologies used in grades 6-10. These revisions will create a set of materials fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) that are designed to fit with the existing texts and sequences of the existing anthologies. These materials are free for anyone to take and adapt.
  • Basal Alignment Project Group Code-- jsv4r7
    The Basal Alignment Project is led by the Council of the Great City Schools, which represents the biggest school districts in the country, with the assistance of Student Achievement Partners, the New York City group whose co-founders played leading roles developing the common standards. Teachers and literacy specialists in districts across the country are rewriting the questions in some of the most commonly used basal readers.
  • Read Aloud Project Group Code--  pkx52i
    Common Core-aligned lessons for K-2 picture, informational, and chapter books. Lessons include text-dependent questions, Language exploration, Speaking and Listening activities, Writing activities, and creative performance tasks. See Folders to view lessons.

State Implementation and Scaling Evidence-Based Practices Center

This site has several great resources with guiding questions to guide conversations around systems, readiness for implementation, and engaging drivers

American Rhetoric Speeches Bank 

Database of and index to 5000+ full text, audio and video versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, other recorded media events, and a declaration or two.

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy Poster (PDF) (B&W PDF)

Another Way of Viewing Bloom's (JPG)

Additional Resources

California Department of Education Links:

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