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Monterey County Office of Education

Leadership, Support and Service to Prepare All Students for Success

Dr. Nancy Kotowski, County Superintendent of Schools

The MCOE Teacher Credentialing Program is a two-year induction program for teachers who are seeking to clear their California teaching credential. Beginning teachers receive professional support from an experienced induction coach, participate in formative assessment through observation and feedback, and attend professional development trainings based on their identified areas of growth.

Experienced teachers (trained Induction Coaches) work with participating teachers (PT) to develop skills, knowledge, and confidence in accordance with the California Standards of the Teaching Profession (CSTP) which are:

  • Engaging and supporting all students in learning
  • Creating and maintaining effective environments for student learning
  • Understanding and organizing subject matter for student learning
  • Planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students
  • Assessing students for learning
  • Developing as a professional educator

Completion of the 2-year program concludes with the teacher candidate being awarded their Clear California Teaching Credential. To participate in the MCOE/TCP, please contact your district's Human Resources director.

Professional Development

MCOE/TCP offers professional development through two conferences for participating teachers. The two conferences focus on effective teaching strategies, classroom management, differentiating instruction for diverse learners (i.e., students with disabilities, English language learners, etc.), and assessment. The conferences also provide valuable time for participant collaboration and networking. Induction Coaches receive training in four Coaching for Equity Sessions - small group workshops that focus on strengthening Induction Coaches’ coaching skills through an equity lens.

History of Induction

The MCOE Teacher Credentialing Program, a consortium of 27 school districts and private institutions, is one of the original 29 TC programs funded in 1993. Created by AB 1266 (Mazzoni, 1997), California's Induction Program grew out of legislation established in SB 1422 (Bergeson, 1992) and was based on research from the California New Teacher Project (CNTP). A central finding of this research identified the need to provide beginning teachers with focused induction support. To be useful, this support must be provided at a sufficient level of intensity to make a difference in the performance, retention, and satisfaction of beginning teachers. The 1997 Mazzoni legislation that established Induction encouraged collaboration among local school districts, county offices of education, colleges and universities to organize and deliver professional development for beginning teachers.

In 1998, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing sponsored and the Governor signed, legislation that restructured teacher credentialing in California. Following passage of SB 2042 (Alpert/Mazzoni, Ch. 548, Statutes of 1998), the architecture of Learning to Teach in California was re-designed to include these major reforms:

  • The creation of multiple, standards-based routes into teaching.

  • Alignment of teacher preparation standards with State adopted academic and content and performance standards for students.

  • A new requirement that teachers pass a teaching performance assessment embedded in their preparation program prior to earning a preliminary teaching credential.

  • A new requirement that teachers complete a two-year induction program of support and assessment during the first two years of teaching in order to earn a California Clear Teaching Credential.
    Visit the CA CTC website for more information.

What is the Role of the Induction Coach?

Induction Coaches assist beginning teachers in a myriad of ways. They observe new teachers in the classroom and provide confidential opportunities and feedback during weekly collaborative meetings. They encourage reflection and guidance as to a variety of best practices; they serve as a new lens from which education may be viewed and reveal the many layers that make an effective teacher. Support Providers also complete training around the Formative Assessment for California Teachers (FACT) while attending related TC regional meetings. Support Providers are carefully selected by their district and must apply through the district's Induction Program Advisor. They receive an annual stipend for the work they complete for the credentialing program.

"My support provider gathered information about my teaching. Then she helped me look at teaching standards to pinpoint where I needed to grow."

Teacher Candidate

"Working with one or two new teachers by putting curriculum ideas on the table and sharing what works tends to create a collaborative teaching environment. This spreads throughout the school. This has been one of the most rewarding aspects of working with new teachers in the INDUCTION Program."

Experienced Teacher

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